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Magazine Article - Archery Focus

Jane Wyatt
241 Connecticut Street
San Francisco, CA 94107

I first met Rocky through the TUINA student / teacher treatments in the afternoon at the clinic. At the time, I had back problems, which were helped considerably. A year or so
later, I had an injury and my disc herniated completely. I could not stand or walk at all for
about a week.

Not realizing that Rocky was also an acupuncturist, I made an
emergency appointment at the clinic, hoping to get pain relief. As I arrived, barely standing with my husband holding me up, Rocky walked in for work. He felt I also needed TUINA, so I made my next appointment with him.

From that point, Rocky completely took charge of my treatment. I was in terrible shape and pretty concerned since my left leg was going numb. He was so confident that I would be alright that I became confident too. For two months I was flat on my back on the floor except for the once-a-week trips to the clinic. After that, I went twice a week for several months until I could walk normally. 3 1/2 years later, I still have maintenance TUINA every 2 months and have been doing very well for a long time.

Through it all I always felts Rocky knew exactly what he was doing. I can't say enough
about how important it was to have had such confidence in him. At every stage things
improved exactly as he said they would. He was never worried so I was never afraid.
Rocky will always have a special place in my life because he took such great care of me with his huge heart and kind spirit.

Jane Wyatt


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The clinic is at 1299 4th Street, right at the corner of 4th Street and C Street in downtown San Rafael.

Take the exit off Central San Rafael off Highway 101, turn onto 3rd Street (one way), then onto C Street. A parking lot is on your right side, behind the office building. (There is also meter parking for up to 2 hours.)

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